Hello. This is PetCareDiary for protecting companion animals.

On November 25th, 2020, PetCareDiary went through a major renovation, presenting its brand new "health diary." For owners of cats and dogs, we would like to explain how to use its renewed features that we have worked hard on, so that you will be comfortable using them.

1. There are now yearly / monthly / weekly calendars.
The new PetCareDiary now provides three types of calendar: yearly / monthly / weekly.
The yearly calendar allows you to get an overview of data with long intervals such as vomits or other symptoms. For instance, you can select the vomit filter, and see how many times your pet has vomited during that year.

If you scroll down below the yearly calendar, you can see all the data that you have recorded during that year, organized in a chronological order. If you want to see the newest data first, you can click the sort button and change the sorting method.

The monthly / weekly calendars allow you to have an instant view of when and what you have recorded, showing each health record entry by its name. For example, you can check how much data is recorded per each entry such as medication 1. If there is much data on one day, numbers such as +4 will indicate the amount of extra data.

Basically, you can move around the yearly / monthly / weekly calendars based on the current date. If you click the yearly / monthly / weekly calendars on November 25th, 2020, you will see the 2020 / November 2020 / fourth week of November 2020 calendars as a default.

2. You can easily see today's record and the entire record.
If you click on a certain date on the calendar, you can make a record for that day or see what is already written. If you click on a certain record name among health records, you can find a detailed page within each record. Detailed pages allow you to make a new record or see the entire records that have been made so far.

The graph area in the previous application has been moved to the entire view of each record. Don't be confused because we did not eliminate the previous graphs! For instance, if you click on weight -> entire view, you can see the average weight during a given period and see the average weight per each period. You can select a specific period and check the average weight during that period as well as extra data.

Indexes that were without graphs in the previous application, such as urine and feces, vomits, and symptoms, are now provided with the entire view, allowing you to filter their record according to types.

3. You are now provided with record tracking and searching tools.

When did I write that? We have come up with searching tools for owners of cats and dogs who are struggling to recall faint memories.

You can search by records on a given date or period, or just the records that you want to see. You can also search by keywords, when it comes to records that you cannot easily recall. The search-by-record tool also allows you to select multiple record types at once. The search result shows that under the yearly / monthly / weekly calendars, only those records that meet your search condition are marked among all data.

Finally, we hope that our large-scale renovation would be helpful to the convenience of owners of cats and dogs. As we added each function's collective view and the search tool, more changes were made than we had expected. If such strikes as inconvenient to any of our previous users, please do not hesitate to leave us replies or send your opinions through the survey link below. If you cannot click the link on the application, you can still participate in the survey by copying the link and opening it in web browsers. We will reflect your opinions to our service as soon as possible and come up with a more advanced version. Thank you.